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Often with our busy schedules, family obligations, monetary restraints, etc, etc – the majority of us neglect our self-care practice. 

Self-care is incredibly important - dare we say the number one priority! 

We’re not saying you have to get a massage daily. I mean, if you can, that’s pretty amazing (and we would recommend you go for that!). However, daily self-care could be journaling for 15 minutes….or  repeating a handful of affirmations to yourself in your car. Or maybe it IS scheduling that Swedish massage at The Woodhouse Day Spa in Plano. Our massages begin with a hot towel foot cleansing ritual and an essential oil calming ritual, specially designed to reduce tension and immediately induce relaxation. 

When we’ve taken ample care of ourselves, we have the ability to be better business owners, employees, PTA members, spouses, parents, siblings, and so on and so forth. 

“Make your own recovery the first priority in your life”  - Robin Norwood 

10 Self-Care Practices to Try this Week: 

  1. Journal 

  2. Take a long bath 

  3. Do some stretches 

  4. Visit an antique store

  5. Have lunch in the park 

  6. Create a gratitude list 

  7. Dance it out

  8. Visit The Woodhouse Day Spa in Plano 

  9. Unplug from technology 

  10. Take a walk in nature 

Take care now!

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